About Us

As we walk through the world, we come to learn that a pair of bespoke shoes, tailor made to fit our individual feet, can give us a distinct advantage on our journey.  How much more so regarding our education? 


Lessongram was developed to create a bespoke, academic learning experience that is accessible to the broadest possible audience.  We are committed to offering true customer service to the extent that we only work with tutors and students with whom we’ve spoken in person. Sorry, we will not give blind referrals through email or provide a list of tutors we’ve never met. We care about providing you with the best possible learning experience and to make that happen we need to understand your unique needs and goals. 


To achieve this level of service, we start by seeking out the best tutors who are committed to helping students develop the critical thinking skills we all need to excel in our continuing personal growth outside of the classroom and into the future. Next, we work at assessing key metrics in the learning style and personality of our tutors to develop a profile of their strengths and weaknesses. Then, we work to develop and maintain a flexible learning environment designed to connect tutors and students as efficiently as possible.  


With this foundation in place we have a platform to offer up a personalized learning experience like no other. When you contact us for a tutor, we’ll have a conversation to learn about your educational needs and goals. Then, you will be directed to the same type of learning assessment we use for our tutors. Finally, we will match you with the tutor best suited to your personal metrics and needs to give you the best chance of success. 

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Meet the folks behind the scenes working to make lessongram the premiere live tutoring platform today.