How We Were Inspired to Revolutionize Online Learning

The following article was written by our very own Jennifer Sherwood for North Ranch Magazine and submitted to be published in their February 2021 issue.

I've called North Ranch home for more than 30 years. This is where I've raised my family and volunteered my time, from humanitarian work to chairing cancer fundraisers. I have loved being a part of this tight-knit community and making it my home. My name is Jennifer Sherwood and I've spent most of my career in the field of music and education. My career path started when I was in college and had the opportunity to represent the United Stated abroad as an ambassador-performer. I toured through the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and the Middle East as part of a Broadway musical review. These experiences gave me a great love for people from all over the world and directed me towards a field where connecting with people was the basis of my work.

After earning my degree in music from BYU, I began working in Pepperdine University's music department and teaching private students. My love of teaching and connecting with others continued to drive my career for the next two and a half decades. It has been truly rewarding to make a positive connections with students and encourage them to reach their greatest potential. It is my belief that a good teacher discovers how a student best learns and then teaches to meet that student's unique learning style.

Who would have imagined just one year ago that our world could have changed so drastically and so quickly? One of the largest impacts of the pandemic has been on the education of our children. When distance learning became the new norm, I was able to see firsthand how Covid-19 was affecting not only my own students but many in the