Introducing Lessongram

Something as critical as education is not easily shoehorned into a standard box the way our modern technology demands.

Technology today is amazing, and getting better every day. One of the challenges is, how do we systematize personal services in our daily lives to make them useable on a flat, interactive screen? So far, we’ve had great success creating connected systems that allow us to buy products like music, books and diapers. More recently, ordering services like finance, food delivery, transportation, beauty and wellness have become particularly useful. Meanwhile, education seems to have been struggling to take advantage of our modern communication revolution.

Even before the internet, education had become so standardized that many students were left behind either because they struggled with a learning system that didn’t recognize their individual learning needs, or because it held them back as they quickly grasped the material that was geared toward students in the middle of the bell curve. In response private learning institutions and services arose to fill the gap for those who had the means to gain access.

At Lessongram our mission is to use technology to empower dedicated education professionals to provide a tailored learning experience for each individual student allowing them to reach their highest potential.

Lessongram was founded in 2020 by Marlene Cooper-Williams, who has spent a lifetime creating private music education services for private students all over the U.S. As a private piano and voice teacher coming out of university, she also had an innate business sense that gave her the vision to see how it would benefit students to have access to private, one-on-one, in-home lessons (