Marlene Cooper-Williams


Marlene Cooper-Williams, President and Founder of Lessongram, is an educator with a long history of creating education services that meet the needs of our communities.
Marlene is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with a passion for education. Her passion is music education. However, developing education services tailored to people of all ages is her specialty, as well as selecting highly trained, professional tutors and teachers thus creating the best possible staff to serve students.
With more than 45 years of teaching experience, Marlene has continually reinvented herself to
meet the challenges of society and to adapt to circumstances confronting our communities.
Thus, Lessongram has been created given the needs that have risen from the world-wide
pandemic. Using today’s available technology, Lessongram is offering an affordable, efficient
and creative option of reaching our student base to support and enhance the educational
experience of all children, all ages, all levels and all subjects.
A little more about Marlene: Marlene was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she received her formal music education from the University of Minnesota. Piano and vocal performance was very much a part of her family life and Marlene began playing the piano at the age of four. By age seven she had out-grown her private instructor and a highly unusual
audition was arranged with three professors at the University of Minnesota.
From that audition, Marlene was accepted into the private piano instruction program at the University - one of the youngest students ever to attend U of M. She studied there for the next
seven years, during which time she performed solo concerts, won competitions with the
Minnesota Music Teachers Association and played with the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra.
Then, through high school, she was very involved in many aspects of the music program,
including extracurricular vocal and piano performances.
After high school, Marlene began attending the University of Minnesota as a full time student,
and began providing private piano instruction to her fellow classmates. She soon realized that
this would be her calling but she also wanted to experience business and took a position as
the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of the International Division at National Car
Rental in Minneapolis. This is where she learned the art and intricacies of the business world.
Upon moving to Southern California in 1973, Marlene opened Con Tempo Music Guild in
Sherman Oaks, Ca. Her highly trained teachers provided private music instruction for students
of all instruments, all levels, all ages and styles. The lessons were given in both the studio as
well as the student’s homes. Thus, the traveling teacher model was successfully built.
As the years progressed, Marlene eventually sold Con Tempo Music Guild, relocated and
opened Village Music Guild which eventually grew into a business located in 26 cities
nationwide with hundreds of traveling instructors teaching thousands of students.
As a constant innovator of new music education programs, about 15 years ago she launched
another education venture, However, her vision was premature as
technology had not caught up, as yet, with that vision. That idea was temporarily shelved until
present day where teachers are finally able to provide education online. Her dream is being
fulfilled all around the world.
Still not satisfied and finished creating, in 2012 Heritage Home Conservatory was launched.
This is a locally run and operated music education company serving the Conejo Valley and
further communities in Southern California. This organization is community based, working
with hundreds of private students on all instruments and voice in the student’s homes. HHC is
also providing music to the public school systems through their after school special programs.
Additionally, since music knows no age, Marlene had created HHC’s Senior Reflections
program which provides a unique singing and songwriting program to the assisted living
communities. HHC is still a strong and visible force in Southern California.
And finally reinvention occurred again, Marlene realized from working with her own private
music students, that there is a desperate need for support in the academic tutoring world.
Understanding the problems the children are having and also understanding the nature of this
industry, she has created an affordable, sound, creative, reliable, professional system for
academic tutoring. Our tutors and teachers have a dedication and passion for helping young
students and also their parents in seeing that the children have the academic support they
need for now and long into the future.
A quote from Marlene: “ If you’re deeply passional and believe in your work, it will never feel
like a job.”